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Click on the below links to the chapter of the Bhagavad Gita that you wish to study.   We recommend that you study the chapters in order.


Chapter 1: Arjun Vishaad Yog (The Yoga Of The Hesitation And Despondency Of Arjuna)

Chapter 2: Samkhya Yog (Samkhya Wisdom And Yoga Practice)

Chapter 3: Karma Yog (The Yoga Of Action)

Chapter 4: Gnyan You (The Yoga Of Wisdom)

Chapter 5: Karma Samyaas Yog (The Yoga Of Renunciation of Karmas)

Chapter 6: Atma Sayam Yog (The Yoga Of Meditation)

Chapter 7: Gnyan Vignan Yog (The Yoga Of Wisdom and Science)

Chapter 8: Akshara Parabrahman Yog (The Yoga Of The Imperishable Absolute) 

Chapter 9: Rājvid Rājguya Yog (The Yoga of the Sovereign Wisdom and the Sovereign Secret)

Chapter 10: Vibhuti Yog (The Yoga Of The Lord’s Glorious Manifestations) 

Chapter 11: Vishvaroop Darshan Yog (The Yoga of the Vision of the Lord's Universal Form) 

Chapter 12: Bhakti Yog (The Yoga of Devotion)

Chapter 13: Kshetrakshetragnavibhaag Yog (The Yoga of the Distinction Between the Field and the Knower of the Field) 

Chapter 14: Gunatrayavibhaaga Yog (The Yoga of the Differentiation of the Three Modes of Nature) 

Chapter 15: Purushottam Yog (The Yoga of the Supreme Person)

Chapter 16: Daivaasurasampadvibhaag Yog (The Yoga of The Distinction Between The Divine And The Demonaic Endowments)

Chapter 17: Shradhaatrayavibhaagayog (The Yoga Of The Threefold Division Of Faith) 

Chapter 18: Mokshasamnyasayog (The Yoga Of Liberation By Renunciation) 

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