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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 94

The prayer chanted by Arjuna to the vishvaroop (Universal Form of God) that has become a mantra to remove all one's fears and to give one courage in the midst of adversities  (chapter 11 verses 35 to 38) 


 •A study of the battles that took place during the Mahabharata war.


•Why the name Kiritin was used for Arjuna.


•The stuti (prayer in praise) chanted by Arjuna to the Supreme Soul that has become a mantra. Why a person who is feeling scared should chant this mantra. If there is any type of fear, difficult circumstances arise at any time, it feels as if all the circumstances are against us, we feel alone that the whole world is on one side and I alone am on the other side and our courage is breaking then if you have faith in Shree Krushna's words then perform jap (name chanting) of this mantra. You will not be alone; the Supreme Soul is blessings will be with you.


•The meaning of the name Hrishikesha said by Arjuna to describe ShreeKrushna.


•The 13 reasons given by Arjuna about why the world bows down to God.


•The Supreme Soul is in each and every atom of this world. The Supreme Soul is in each and every place. The Supreme Soul is even in this world and this means that because we are in the world then we are also the Supreme Soul.


•Why there is greatness in bowing down and the reasons why we bow down.


•Four things are only beautiful when they are in their places and when they move away from their places then they have no beauty. These are: teeth, hair, nails and also humans.


Chapter 11 verse 35:


Chapter 11 verse 36:


Chapter 11 verse 37:


Chapter 11 verse 38:



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