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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 95

The ultimate test of true love towards God or a person: Arjuna's feelings of intense love and his plea for forgiveness from ShreeKrushna (chapter 11 verses 39 to 46)  


•Why the Supreme Soul is Vāyu (the wind), Yama (the destroyer), Agni (the fire), Varuna (the sea-god) and Sasāanka (the moon), and Prajāpati, the grandshire (of all). 


•Why it is said in the scriptures that when plants and medicines develop then this is very much because of the grace of the moon.


•The ultimate test of true love towards God or a person. Why when there is to love then the person does not just say "goodbye" and go away. He keeps looking at the person he loves while he is going. Evidence of love is not shown when you are together but when you separate.


•The sense of gratitude of Arjuna, his feelings of intense love and his appeal for forgiveness.


•Why Great Saints are completely transparent and it feels like they are one of you. Maybe at sometime walls have been created from the ordinary person because the ordinary person has an inferiority complex that "we are ordinary and He is such a wise and knowledgeable great personality" and when the great personality finds out that this is in our mind then He makes efforts Himself and breaks those walls. He makes the other person very comfortable. This is His greatness.


•Only Indian culture and Indian literature of etiquette says that when we have respect towards a person, when we have love in our hearts towards a person and when we have adoration towards a person then we should never call them using their name.


•The difference between the material world and spirituality. In the material world, when the person is in front of you then you cannot understand their greatness. But when they go then you realise that "did I behave in this way towards them?" On the other hand, in spirituality, when the Supreme Soul is not in front of one then one does not understand the greatness of the Supreme Soul, but when the Lord comes and stands in front of the person then one begins to remember all the wrong things that they did.


•The meaning of the name Acyuta used to address ShreeKrushna.


•Who is a Guru? One who gives human beings wisdom of both daily-life and spirituality is a Guru. One who makes people empty is not a Guru. One who just teaches people to chant mantras and leave their work and their homes is not a Guru. One who teaches people how to fulfil their daily activities and how to live their lives, and at the same time teaches them spirituality, how they can achieve the grace of their soul and true Dharma is a Guru. And Dharma is "That which gives grace to one in this world and also in the world beyond"


Chapter 11 verse 39:


 Chapter 11 verse 40:


 Chapter 11 verse 41:


 Chapter 11 verse 42:


 Chapter 11 verse 43:


 Chapter 11 verse 44:


 Chapter 11 verse 45:


 Chapter 11 verse 46: 



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