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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 93

Verses that will lift you up in the most adverse of circumstances. Verses on whose support Saints have been living. Verses that came directly from the mouth of the vishvaroop (Universal Form) of God (chapter 11 verses 31 to 34) 


 •A study of the Taiitreya Upanishad about how the Supreme Experience is not an experience that cannot be described by words, and cannot be comprehended by the mind and intellect but it can be described by experience.


•The three times in the scriptures that Shree Krushna Himself has shown the vishvaroop ("Universal Form").


•The Supreme Soul's description that He is time, world-destroying, grown mature, engaged here in subduing the world and that even without Arjuna, all the warriors standing arrayed in the opposing armies shall cease to be.


•Why God is time and that is why people should not criticise time nor should they make wrong use of time. A study of the Charpat Panjārikā Stotra and Bhaja Govindam of Shrimad Adi Shankracharya.


•A study of Bardwari's works about why one should perform penances for the Supreme Soul while there is strength in one's body.


•How scientists are looking for a possibility and they are very close to finding the fact that those beings who go beyond time can never die and they become immortal.


•Why death is a necessary rule of life.


•There are some verses in the Gita on whose support Saints are living and these are guiding forces in their lives. One of them is the 33rd verse of the 11th chapter: "You arise and gain glory. Conquering your foes, enjoy a prosperous kingdom. Be you merely the occasion, O Savyasācin (Arjuna)".


•Why is Arjuna needed? The Kauravas are going to die anyway but Shree Krushna is telling Arjuna to arise, to gain glory and to attain fame. Shree Krushna tells Arjuna to conquer his foes and to enjoy a prosperous kingdom. Arjuna should become the occasion. God has already finished the work a long time ago. Everything that had been done has already been done by the Supreme Soul a long time ago. Now Arjuna only has to become the occasion.


•Everything has already happened but you have to perform the action. Therefore when you perform the action, no egotism will arise in your mind. This is devotionalised nishkām karma Yog (karma yoga without desires).


•Why does Arjuna have to be the occasion? So that he can get glory and fame. Shree Krushna tells Arjuna to gain glory and fame because the war has been won and Dharma has become established. This is the peak of devotion. Only when there is an endless amount of love does this happen; otherwise it does not happen.


•When one is becoming the occasion then there should be no type of defect towards work from oneself. One should have the attitude that "I want to give my best".


•A study of the term "multi I-ness" given by Gurdjeff.


Chapter 11 verse 31:


Chpater 11 verse 32:


Chapter 11 verse 33:


Chapter 11 verse 34: 


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