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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 88

Guided meditation session 5


The aim of these three meditation sessions will be to practice meditation as taught in Hindu scriptures that you can apply to enjoy peace of mind, freedom from stress, a healthy body, mental clarity, a multiplied intellectual capability, improved performance at work, improved relationships and inner wellbeing. 


This is a rare opportunity to receive simple yet effective tools of Yoga from Hindu scriptures. Rather than talks, these will be practical sessions and you will get to learn a powerful process that aims to instil a state of meditation. It is a scriptural method of aligning your body, mind, emotions, thoughts and energies to function in complete harmony. This will be done by controlling your breathing, learning to chant the Aumkar and activating your chakras. 


These sessions will show important instructions for meditation: for example, where you should perform meditation, how your seat should be made, and how you should sit. The sessions will go at a steady pace so that you leave knowing exactly how to apply meditation in your life.  As people world over who have watched this session and have applied its teachings in practice will tell you, this is a session not to be missed. 


Meditation session 5: coming soon



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