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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 89

The beautiful moment when  ShreeKrushna gives the divya chakshu (divine vision) to Arjuna  (chapter 11 verses 5 to 8) 


•The beautiful moment when ShreeKrushna gives the divya chakshu (divine vision) to Arjuna.


•A description of God's form as a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold, various in kind, divine, of various colours and shapes.


•Why in Arjuna's request Arjuna he used a lot of singular form words such as ātmānam ("Self"), avyayam ("Imperishable"), rupam ("Form") because Arjuna asked the Lord to show him His Divine Form whereas the Lord showed Arjuna so many forms in fact hundreds and thousands of forms.


•The rule of the world that whenever a covetous person asks for more than the giver's fist closes but when the person opposite, through hesitancy, asks for less, then the giver wholeheartedly gives more.


•A study of the 12 Ādityas and the 8 Vāsus.


•A study of the Harivansh about the 11 Rudras.


•A study of the 49 Maruts.


•The intelligence of Swami Vivekananda and how He outwitted students at a lecture room in America.


•How God is omnipresent and omniscient.


•A study of Vedanta about how a person sees everything at once with the Divine Eye.


•How we currently see in instalments and how to change this so that we have a complete vision.


•A study of kāryakāransambandh (the link between the cause and the effect).


•Why the more one develops in life and the more one advances in life, then the more that the pieces of place and time fall away.


•The difference between seeing with the intellect and seeing physically. 


Chapter 11 verse 5:


Chapter 11 verse 6:


Chapter 11 verse 7:


 Chapter 11 verse 8:


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