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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 64

The Ultimate Goal of both spirituality and materialism: never having to return back to the position you are in (chapter 8 verses 20 to 22)  


•The two types of unmanifest beings. One unmanifest is such that it becomes manifest and when it becomes manifest then it comes back into the unmanifest. But there is another unmanifest beyond this that does not become manifest at all and does not change at all.


•The different types of proofs such as authoritative proof, our own proof or proof of experience.

•Why the Rishis have said that the senses and the mind become tired before they can describe the unmanifest.

•A study of the dialogue between Yamdev and Nachiketa in the Katho Upanishad about how one can recognise the soul.

•How the Unmanifest Truth is ancient and at the same time it is changing every day. Why the Ganga river we dip our toes in is not the same Ganga river we hip our heads in.

•The Supreme Status which those who attain never return from.


•Why not just in spirituality but in every field of life we make such efforts so that we reach such a state and such a point from where we do not have to return.

•What you can do so that you never return to the cycle of birth and death. A study of a mantra from the Vājasnai Yajur Ved Samhita.

•The three places of God's control: material prakruti (nature), the consciousness joined with material prakruti (nature) and the pure form of one's Self where all materiality has gone away.

•Why the doors to God's Abode are never closed to anyone. The beautiful story of a prisoner travelling to see his family.

•The six phases of life that every human being has to go through: birth, being, growth, consequences, deterioration, and destruction.

•Why bhakti (devotion) is a very powerful energy. When any energy comes then it can be used in two ways. The first way is that it can be expended and used up. The second use is that that energy can be used to go on a higher level and on a bigger platform.

•How a person should know how to use energy properly. The story of what happened to a person in Switzerland who won Fr. 10 million twice in two years.

•A study of how one can perform ananya bhakti (unswerving devotion). 

How in the entire population of creatures, human beings are the only creatures that have the power of thought.


•Why whatever scriptures have been created and whatever arts have been created, in all of these the reason for the creation has been this: to increase others' pleasures and to decrease their pains.

•How pleasures come from the union between the senses and the sense objects but slowly and slowly as the body deteriorates, in the same way the power to enjoy pleasures decreases yet the wish to enjoy pleasures does not decrease.

•A study of the different types of bhakti (devotion) and the different types of devotees.

•Why Gandhiji gave so much importance to prārthanā (prayers) and never went a day without missing them.

•How to make the mind concentrated and one-pointed: a study of the Yog Sutras of Patanjali.

•A study of what makes the mind run around and what makes the mind fickle.

•An explanations of the obstacles on the path of bhakti (devotion) and how to be saved from these obstacles. A study of how Eknathji brought a person on the right path.

•A study of the Guru Vandan.

•An explanation of what assists us on the path of bhakti (devotion).

•The famous encounter between the great Saints Tulasidāsji and Surdāsji


Chapter 8 verse 20:

Chapter 8 verse 21:

Chapter 8 verse 22:



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