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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 4

Four reasons that motivate any human being to perform any action (chapter 1 verses 32 to 47)


This class covers:


  • The meanings of the names Arjuna addresses Shree Krushna as and the reasons why he does so for each one in the first chapter (Govinda, Madhusudhana, Madhav, Janardhana and Varsneya).


  • The four circles in all people's minds: four reasons that motivate human beings to perform any action, which prove that humans are not always selfish.


  • Can two wrongs make a right? What punishments should the Pandavas have given the Kauravas under the Sanskrit penal codes such as the Vashishta Smriti and the Manu Smriti?


  • The importance of family as a basic unit of society and the importance of family lineage (with examples such as the Raghus and Yadavs), family values and rituals. 


  • Looking at human psychology, what happens when we do not give values to children and what happens when we do not have rituals?


  • -The scientific, parapsychological and logical reasons why we make offerings of rice and water to our ancestors, what our ancestors have done for us and the four behavioural types of children that parents can have.


Chapter 1 summary of verses 1 to 31:


Chapter 1 verse 32:


Chapter 1 verse 33:


Chapter 1 verse 34:


Chapter 1 verse 35:


Chapter 1 verse 36:


Chapter 1 verse 37:


Chapter 1 verse 38:


Chapter 1 verse 39:


Chapter 1 verse 40:


Chapter 1 verse 41:


Chapter 1 verse 42:


Chapter 1 verses 43 to 44:


Chapter 1 verses 45 to 46:


Chapter 1 verse 47:



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