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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 38

How to become free from the mental imprints that material objects leave (chapter 5 verses 22 to 24)


•What do material objects do to our minds? A study of the Garuda Purana about how five different animals get led to their deaths by being swayed by one of the five sense organs each. 


•A study of the Vishnu Purana about how sorrows appear like pleasures to the senses. 


•A study of the Astavakra Gita about how material objects are like poison and lead to one's death both physically and mentally. 


•The three types of turbulences that arise from chasing after material objects. Why people look glum when they come out of cinemas. 


•The enjoyment that one gets from material pleasures leaves an imprint on one's mind (sanskar). This causes problems when we are not enjoying that material pleasure or when the enjoyment out of that material pleasure goes away. 


•If one does good deeds and goes to heaven to enjoy their consequences then he will not be able to be liberated from desire and anger in heaven. The gods in heaven have desires and anger. The examples of Indra causing obstacles during Yagnas. 


•Creatures apart from humans do not even know that they have desires or that they are getting angry, whereas humans know this. That is why we do not fight for territory any more like animals and allow each other to go to each other's countries with the issue of a visa. 


•An explanation of the word acharan (conduct) and a study of ShreeRam, Sitaji and Lakshmanji in the Ramayan. 


•How to leave behind desires and anger with the body. How lemons leave behind their bitterness in lemon trees. 


•Four steps needed to stop the rush of desires and anger. 


•How the psychologist Frank Wu linked anger to desire. Why there can be no anger without desire. 


•How to find your joy and happiness within. A study of the Hindi poem: jinke bhitar diye jalte hain. 


•A study of the word nirvana and consistency in vision. The example of the lamps and the cinema screen. 


Chapter 5 verse 22:


Chapter 5 verse 23:


Chapter 5 verse 24:


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