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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 39

The seven qualities needed to be liberated from the cycle of birth and death (chapter 5 verses 25 to 29)


•A study of the ten qualities one needs to attain the state of Brahmanirvāna (the beautitude of God). 


•A study of the word nirvana literally meaning "when the last flame goes out" and why Buddha used this word repeatedly. 


•Why we keep running away from a problem to solve the problem; instead we should cut away the support of the problem. 


•Why Freud said that psychology can prevent mental sorrows from becoming chronic but it can never make human beings happy. 


•Western psychologists are not ready to believe that one can become free from desire and anger whereas Eastern psychologists say that this is possible. 


•A study of the word chin (to cut) and Shankracharyaji's wisdom of how to cut doubts away. 


•A study of the word Rishi, a revolutionary. Why Rishis live a worldly life. Examples of Rishis who had wives such as Atri, Vaishista and Vyasji. 


•The seven qualities needed to become a sadāmukta (ever freed) and a Yogi. 


•The power of silence. How maintaining silence builds great power within you and why we should never waste words. 


•How one's power increases by making the vision still between the eyebrows. 

•Conclusion of chapter 5. 


•Introduction to performing dhyan (meditation) and naam jap (chanting the name of God). 


Chapter 5 verse 25:


Chapter 5 verse 26:


Chapter 5 verses 27 and 28:


Chapter 5 verses 29:



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