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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 20

The great game of life: the will to win and the 10 steps of how a human becomes a dev (god) (chapter 3 verses 11 and 12)


This class covers:

•How no person can go ahead in life alone. The importance of getting co-operation from others. The three meanings of the word bhavayat. 

•10 steps through which a human being becomes a dev (god). 

•Why was the world was created? The explanation of the Great Game of Life. 

•Why it is essential to have the will to win. How everyone has the will to live but a few people have the will to win. How the Vedas are the language of lions, why you will never find powerlessness in the Vedas and how the Rishis roar in the Vedas about the will to win. 

•How relationships are essential in life. The story of why the Ramayana was written. The biggest weakness of the education system today. How American educational institutions are beginning to teach students about how to behave these with others, something our scriptures have taught from the beginning. 

•The first-class doctor, the second-class citizen and the third-class husband. 

•The importance of having pride, getting praise and being a dreamer. 

•The definition of wealth according to Marx and Engels. 

•Scientific reasons why charity is essential. How much should one donate to charity? The effects that donating to charity has on a person


•How no good deeds ever go unnoticed. What are the three main reasons for success? 

•Why ShreeKrushna uses the strong word "thief" for one who does not give to society. 

Chapter 3 verse 11: 

Chapter 3 verse 12:



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