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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 127

Inspiration for the faint-hearted. The story of the bird trapped in a businessman's cage and the one solution to becoming liberated from this world (chapter 16 verses 9 to 15) 


 •A study of the mistakes of the Charvaka (religious indifference) school of thought.  Why holding fast to this view these lost souls of feeble understanding, of cruel deeds, rise up as the enemies of the world for its destruction.  A study of the life of Ravan.


•A study of the conversations between Yagnyavalkaya and Maitreya in the Brhidānyaka Upanishad.


•The three reasons why people worry.  The first is that they do not have faith on their own ability. The second when they have a constant sense of insecurity. And third and the most important thing is that those who do not have faith in God have a lot of worries.  


•A study of Krushchev's memoirs about how Stalin was the biggest coward in history.


•If a person is in faintheartedness and they cannot understand what they should do then they should particularly read this book in English called Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach.


•How those of demonic endowments, bound by hundreds of ties of desire, given over to lust and anger, strive to amass hordes of wealth, by unjust means, for the gratification of their desires.


•A study of the 11th canto of the Shrimad Bhagavad about how desire is the biggest sorrow all and being free from desire is the biggest happiness of all.


•The story of the bird trapped in a businessman's cage and the one solution to becoming liberated from this world.


•A study of the poems of poet Saint Khālas about how the Supreme Abode is our true country.


•Two types of people collect wealth. A divine person also has wealth and this is the grace of Māhālakshmi (the Goddess of wealth). And a asura (demons) also collects wealth.


•How to collect wealth by just means.  A study of the lineage of the Raghuvansh.


•A study of the Katho Upanishad and the Brhidhanyak Upanishad about the limitations of wealth.


•A study of the names of Kamsa's two wives in the Shrimad Bhagavad: asti meaning "I have this" and Prāpti meaning "I will get this".


•In the Srimad Bhagavad it is written very nicely that a person who is born in a great family, has performed great karmas, has attained a beautiful body, has attained wisdom, has attained opulence, has attained wealth and has attained all of this and yet if the person does not get any pride then consider that he has an abundance of grace from God.


Chapter 16 verse 9:


Chapter 16 verse 10:


Chapter 16 verse 11:


Chapter 16 verse 12:


Chapter 16 verse 13:


Chapter 16 verse 14:


Chapter 16 verse 15:


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