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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 110

The key to becoming totally involved in the work that you are doing. The solution to becoming free from prakruti (nature) and how the Purush (soul) neither acts nor is tainted (chapter 13 verses 25 to 34) 


  • How every being that is born is sprung through the union of the field and the knower of the field.


  • In the union of the kshetra (field) and the kshetragnya (Knower of the field), the kshetra (field) does not remain steady even for a moment. The kshetra (field) constantly keeps changing because it is prakruti (nature).


  • The two types of works: the first type of work is that which gets done and the second type of work is that which one has to do.


  • How only hard work result in success and not the desire alone: a deer does not just fall into the mouth of a sleeping lion.


  • The story of Datta Prādurbhāv in the first chapter of the fourth Canto of the Srimad Bhagavad and how Rishi Atri stood on 1 foot the Kulāchar mountain and performed austerities.


  • Why the soul neither acts nor is tained: the Supreme Soul is anāditvāt (without beginning) and nirgunatvāt (without qualities).


  • The distinction between the kshetra (field) and the Kshetragnya (Knower of the Field) and the solution for all beings to become free from prakruti (nature). 


  • The story of when Shivji opened His third eye to burn kāmdev (the god of love).


  • The three eyes: three eyes: the pragnyā chakshu (eye of the intellect), the divya chakshu (the Divine eye) and the gnyān chakshu (eye of wisdom).



Chapter 13 verse 25: 


Chapter 13 verse 26: 


Chapter 13 verse 27: 


Chapter 13 verse 28: 


Chapter 13 verse 29: 


 Chapter 13 verse 30: 


 Chapter 13 verse 31: 


 Chapter 13 verse 32: 


 Chapter 13 verse 33: 


 Chapter 13 verse 34: 



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