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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 111

The supreme wisdom, of all wisdom the best, by knowing which all sages have passed from this world to the highest perfection.  How those who resort to gnyan (wisdom) become of like nature to God (chapter 14 verses 1 and 2) 


 •A study of the Ramayan about how God is all pervading and equal in all beings.


•The four topics addressed in this chapter. The first is in what way and on whose support does prakruti (nature) gives birth to all creatures? The second question is what are the modes of prakruti (nature) and how do these modes cause bondage for a person? The third question is what is the solution to become free from the modes of prakruti (nature)? And the fourth is what are the qualities of those people who have become liberated from the modes of prakruti (nature) and who have attained the state of being free from the modes?


•Each and every relationship is a conflict. But the relationship of a Guru and a pupil is a very special conflict.


•Why ShreeKrushna calls this gnyān (wisdom) both param (supreme) and uttamam (the best).


•How Dharma that can be applied in any aspect of everyday life.


•The definition of a Muni.


•Kesha's commentary about how one can make gnyān (wisdom) steady in their heart.


•How those who resort to gnyan (wisdom) become of like nature to the Supreme Soul.  The example of a piece of iron being placed in a fire.


•A study of the qualities of God.


Chapter 14 introduction:


Chapter 14 verse 1:


Chapter 14 verse 2: coming soon 


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