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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 11

The link between actions and their fruits and between free will and destiny (chapter 2 verses 47 to 53)

This class covers:

  • Explanation of one of the most famous verses in the Gita and why it is by definition a blessing: "To action alone have you a right and never at all to its fruits; let not the fruits of action be your motive; neither let there be in you any attachment to inaction".

  • The two questions you should ask yourself before your perform any action in order to make the right decisions in life. The four steps of the evolution of a person in any field of life to a state of excellence.

  • What is free will and what is destiny? Examples of people who have endured tragic circumstances with the right mindset and with true wisdom such as Narsihn Mehta, Meera and the man who has no hands or legs but still has became a renowned motivational speaker.

  • The effect that the delusion of selfish interest has on you. The story of a businessman who saw his house in flames. How does this sense of mineness go away?

  • How to attain evenness of mind, how to achieve Yoga and how to be a witness. The story of Buddha's reaction on seeing an elephant charging at Him and His explanation for this.

  • The magic and bliss of Yoga as excellence in action. Why Yoga is defined as being excellent at everything you do. Why is Yoga not about giving up the world? The story of Janak (Sita's father) who was a Yogi despite living in a palace with servants.


Chapter 2 verse 47:

Chapter 2 verse 48:

Chapter 2 verse 49:

Chapter 2 verse 50:

Chapter 2 verse 51:

Chapter 2 verse 52:

Chapter 2 verse 53:



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