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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 12

Attaining a steady intellect by removing selfish desires and being content with the Self (chapter 2 verses 54 to 60)


This class covers:

  • How do we understand what selfish desires are? Guruji's wonderful and practical four-step method to eliminate selfish desires once and for all.

  • How to be content in the Self and to feel complete. The story of the musky deer.

  • How to be untroubled in the midst of sorrows. The story of Socrates and his wife Xanthippe.

  • The three situations in which once can experience Brahmistiti, the state of true bliss.

  • Analysis of the word stitaprajnya ("settled in intelligence"), a word coined by the ita. In order to determine whether one is settled in intelligence, should we look at their inner qualities or their outer qualities? A story of Janak and Sita during the time of ShreeRam's coronation in the Ramayan, showing an example of a person settled in intelligence.

  • How do you deal with difficult people who do not understand you and who cause turbulence in your life?

  • What are the senses? What are sense objects? How to control your senses? How do the senses become strong? How powerful are the senses? A story from the Mahabharata and a story of what happened inside a collector's house.

Chapter 2 verse 54:

Chapter 2 verse 55:

Chapter 2 verse 56:

Chapter 2 verse 57:

Chapter 2 verse 58:

Chapter 2 verse 59:

Chapter 2 verse 60:



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