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Twameva Mātā cha Pita Twameva

Twameva Bandhu Sakhā Twameva

Twameva Vidya Dhravinam Twameva

Twameva Sarvam Mum Dev Deva.

O Lord, You are my Mother, You are my Father,

You are my Brother, You are my Friend,

You are Knowledge, You are Wealth,

You are my Everything, the Deva of the Devas.

Kāye nā vāchā,

Manase indriyevā,

Buddhyātmā nāvat,

Prakrute svabhāvāt,

Karomi yad yad sakalam parasme,

Nārāyana āyeti samarpayāmi

With the body, with the speech,

with the mind, with the senses,

with the intellect, with the Aatmaan,

with the disposition of my nature,

every act that I am performing,

I am performing not for myself,

I am surrendering to Nārāyan

Mūkaṁ karoti vāchālaṁ pańguṁ lańghayate giriṁ

Yatkrupā tamahaṁ vande paramānanda Mādhavaṁ

By His grace even the dumb can become eloquent in speech,

and the lame can cross over mountains (of obstacles in life)

Salutations to Him who gives this Grace,

ShreeKrushna, who is the personification of Supreme Bliss and who gives Supreme Bliss.

Krushnāya Vāsudevāya

Harahe Paramātmane


Govindaya Namo Namah

Oh ShreeKrushna, oh son of Vaudeva,

Oh Hari, Oh the Supreme Being,

we make obediances to you, oh destroyer of all the worries in our minds,

Oh Govinda we bow down to you repeatedly

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