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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 99

Practical techniques to fully concentrate the mind and the intellect, how to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses and a look at the history of the world to see how the human intellect has developed over time (chapter 12 verses 8 to 12) 


 •The definition of bhakti (devotion) as fixing your mind and intellect on the Supreme Soul.


•If we look at the history of the world then we will understand that when this state of society is primitive then the more that the person will live with feelings. And the more that culture and civilisation advances then the more that the person goes beyond feelings and lives by the intellect.


•Today's society is such that we have reached the peak of our intellects. It has been hundreds of thousands of years since the human being was born as a Homo sapiens and human beings have been developing and developing since prehistoric times and the state in which we are today is at the top of intellectuality. People have developed so much of an intellect and there is one proof of this: we have learnt to do cloning.


•It is that the more that the intellect has advanced, together with that the more that turbulence has advanced and the more that instability has advanced. The intellect that should have be helpful in making decisions, instead of that the intellect has become something to create confusions. And that is why we still need God.


•Why in order to sustain society, we will need Dharma and we will need scriptures.


•The meaning of the word anukalp. If someone has shown one path, but if we say that such a path is not possible then what should we do? Then if one shows another way then this is called anukalp. In anukalp it is an option.


•The meaning of the word abhyās (practice) and practical methods to make the mind stronger.


•How to know yourself and to recognise your strengths and your weaknesses.


•Why one should constantly keep their mind occupied.


•How to become free of worries.


•The meaning of the word upavās and how to perform a fast.


•Why one should not become a slave to their efforts. A study of Marx's and Engel's concept of alientation.


•A study of the five states of chit (thoughts) and the peak state of having a mind that is ekāgra (one pointed).


Chapter 12 verse 8:


Chapter 12 verse 9:


Chapter 12 verse 10:


Chapter 12 verse 11:


Chapter 12 verse 12:


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