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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 8

Class 8: The eight step method to attain peace of mind and to face set-backs (chapter 2 verses 23 to 30)

This class covers:

  • Guruji's wonderful eight-step method to achieve peace of mind.

  • How can we face setbacks? An inspirational story of a woman with three children who lost her husband and had no education, qualifications or savings, but who still went on to achieve great things in her life.

  • The three ages we have: the physical age, the mental age and the agelessness of the soul. A study taken of American soldiers at the end of World War Two, and the surprising results it showed.

  • Does one get reborn immediately or does it take time? What happens to the soul in-between bodies? Why does history keep repeating itself approximately every 100 years? How is the Dharma, religion, gender or bodies or our next births decided? A study of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa's achievements.

  • How can we have the knowledge to accept the certainty of death? A beautiful story from Gautama Buddha's life.



Chapter 2 verse 23:

Chapter 2 verse 24:

Chapter 2 verse 25:

Chapter 2 verse 26:

Chapter 2 verse 27:

Chapter 2 verse 28:

Chapter 2 verse 29:

Chapter 2 verse 30:


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