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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 73

How worship and meditation of God brings attainment of what people have not got and security in what they have (chapter 9 verses 19 to 25) 


• How the Supreme Soul gives heat and withholds and sends forth rain.

•The ideal given in our scriptures of how a King or governor should collect taxes.

•The mantra for great Saints: how the Supreme Soul brings attainment of what one has not got and security in what they have.  How God gives us both prosperity and welfare.

•Why devotees do not have any greed for wealth. The two vruti (attitudes) in society: grudha vruti (greedy attitude) and Buddha vruiti (enlightened attitude).

•The three types of avidhi (ignorance).

•Why God is the enjoyer and the Lord of all sacrifices and just like when small flames meet annually to a big fire, human beings meet together and there is big sacrifice of the world is taking place.

•How you attain what you make efforts for: the three states of bhuto (manes), pitru (spirits) and devattā (gods) .  

Chapter 9 verse 19: coming soon


Chapter 9 verse 20: coming soon


Chapter 9 verse 21: coming soon


Chapter 9 verse 22:


Chapter 9 verse 23:


Chapter 9 verse 24:


Chapter 9 verse 25:


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