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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 66

Why only a person who does not cavil attains the royal secret of wisdom.  An explanation of the penances Parvati performed to attain Shiva (chapter 9 verse 1)  


• How Saints have attained Samadhi (vision of God) by just thinking about the verses of this chapter. The precise steps needed to join with the Supreme Soul. 

•The three reasons for which people cavil according to the Shrimad Bhagavad: seeing wrong things in good things; not being able to tolerate another person's pre-eminence and prestige; and a feeling of animosity. 

•Gestalt's philosophy that the world is neither good nor bad; it depends on the perspective with which the person sees the world. 

•Why do human beings look for faults and why this worries psychologists. 

•A study of the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra from the Taittreya Upanishad. 

•Why we can only show our open safes to people we are intimate to and that is why ShreeKrushna revealed the Royal Wisdom and the Royal Secret to Arjuna. 

•An explanation of the penances Parvatiji performed to attain Shivji. 

•Why when knowledge gets into the hands of wrong people then destruction ensues. The story of Oppelheimer's invention of the atomic bomb. 

•Why experience is one step higher than knowledge. 

•The difference between the Sanskrit words: guhiya (good), guhiyatara (better) and guhiyatama (best). 

•A study of Shrimad Adi Shankracharyaji's Aparakshano Bhuti about how the Truth is beyond our perception. 


Chapter 9 introduction:


Chapter 9 verse 1:


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