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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 62

The formula for happiness for human beings and the link between vasna (desires) and time (chapter 8 verses 14 to 16)  


• The difference between the words anyacetā (having the feeling of being different from others) and ananyacetā (not having the feeling of being different from others) 


•How the mind asks for new things again and again, which results in frustration. A study why most Eastern marriages last a whole lifetime while most Western marriages do not. 


•How not to have expectations and complaints towards others. 

•A study of Shrimad Adi Shankracharyaji's Shiv Manas Pujya about how to remember God constantly. 


•The reason for the circle of life and death. 

•How the body is a vehicle to practice Dharma. 

•An experiment you can try at home to understand the difference between a Mahātmā (great soul) and an alpātmā (small soul). How the egotism of "I am" can go away. 


•Why the material world is dukhālayam (a place of sorrow) and second it is ashāshvatam (impermanent). 

•How the attraction of living forever and lust for life creates bondages. 


•How in one direction this body is depleting, becoming old and being destroyed, whereas in the other direction the demand for time is increasing and the expectation for life is increasing, and as a consequence, after one body falling, there is a need to take up another body, and this is the first reason for rebirth. 

•The second reason for rebirth: considering ourselves to be the owners of the body. 


•Why the whole concept of asking for more time is wrong: the more vāsnā (desires) that we have then the less time that we will have. 


•The one reason for sorrow in the material world: the difference between vāsnā (desires) and time. 


•How the material world is impermanent and forever changing. 


•A study of the it prithvilok (the realm of Earth), svarglok (the realm of heaven) or Brahmālok (the realm of Brahmā). 

•A study of a brave and authentic Rajput who died protecting a landlord's farm. 

•A study of Mahavir Swami's ability to show people their previous births. 

•Why Freud said that human beings can never be happy despite advancements in psychology. The different way of thinking in the East. 

•The difference in thinking between the West (which tries to change outer circumstances to give one happiness) and the East (which tries to develop a person within to give them happiness). 


•How human beings make efforts throughout their whole lives to make steady that which is by its nature temporary and changing. 


•The proofs that someone has attained the Supreme Soul. 

•Why Buddha said that vāsnā (mental impressions) are dushpur (that which can never become filled). 

Chapter 8 verse 14:


Chapter 8 verse 15:


Chapter 8 verse 16:


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