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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 43

Attaining peace of mind by steadying the mind on the Self and the consequences of Yoga (chapter 6 verses 23 to 29)

 •The two fears one begins to get as one advances in meditation: fear of the senses and fear of the mind.

•The steps needed to make the mind fixed on the Self: as soon as the mind begins thinking about external objects then bring it back to the Self; wherever the mind goes then worship the Supreme Soul there; when thoughts of the material world come then understand that this is not wrong and just witness the impurities going out; knowing clearly in your mind that you are not of the material world and the material world is not yours but you are God's and God is yours; taking all the burdens of the world out of your mind; chanting svaha, ha or hu when selfish thoughts come to your mind; opening and closing your eyelids seven times when other thoughts come to your mind; and exhale three times with great force as if you are clearing all the air in your body before you begin breathing.

•The four reasons why the material world keeps coming to one's mind when they sit down to meditate.

•The first consequence of Yoga: attaining peace of mind. The difference between the words shant (quiet) and prashant (peaceful).

•The periodic stages of sleep and how research has shown that dreams are the safety valve in the house of the mind.

•The second consequence of Yoga: how to make your passions be at rest.

•The third consequence of Yoga: how to become stainless and free from human faults. The difference between root sins and types of sins.

•The fourth consequence of Yoga: how to become one with God and one with Brahman

•The reason for the taboo between men and women. How girls went to study as well as boys in ancient India but the effect that foreign invasions in India had on women and their treatment in society.

•How the fear of the other person goes away. How to be fearless when speaking in front of people. Two examples from the East (Swami Vivekananda) and from the West (Winston Churchill)



Chapter 6 verse 23:

Chapter 6 verses 24 and 25:

Chapter 6 verse 26:

Chapter 6 verse 27:

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Chapter 6 verse 29:


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