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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 24

Two tests to discover your unique purpose in life and to reveal your gift within (chapter 3 verses 31 to 43)


This class covers:


•What happens when we give children everything they want and what this does to the problem-solving faculty of the child.


•Our two biggest enemies: attachment and repulsion. How these make a person forget about their own greatness, feel incomplete, feel that others are better than them and how they make a person lose their peace of mind

•The definition of Dharma and how once you discover this then nobody will be able to stop you.

•Two tests to find out about the unique purpose for which you have come in the world and what you are better at than anyone else in the world. How you have a definite purpose, a unique talent and a unique way to express it.


•The nine things that hide the unique talent you have: materiality, helplessness, illusion, pride, customs, self-expectations, expectations of others, dependence and hypocricy.


•What criminologists discovered about humans through human fingerprints.

•Why are people forced to do wrong even against their will? How anger always arises because of a desire.


•How psychologists have shown that the word anger is an acronym and if you take a quality from each of its letters (A-N-G-E-R) then it becomes good anger that can actually help you.

•Three steps to conquer anger. Michaelangelo's technique for getting rid of anger.



Chapter 3 verse 31:


Chapter 3 verse 32:


Chapter 3 verse 33:


Chapter 3 verse 34:


Chapter 3 verse 35:


Chapter 3 verse 36:


Chapter 3 verse 37:


Chapter 3 verse 38:


Chapter 3 verse 39:


Chapter 3 verse 40:


Chapter 3 verse 41:


Chapter 3 verse 42:


Chapter 3 verse 43:



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