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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 2

The keys to succesful teamwork: the order in which the conches were blown (chapter 1 verses 4 to 21) 


This class covers:


• The respect for and higher position given to women in Indian Sanskrit culture, as seen by how the Mahabharata warriors were referred to. 

• The difference between infancy, youth and old age: the worrisome nature of Duryodhana and the reassurance by Bhisma, advanced in knowledge, advanced in experience and advanced in enthusiasm. 

• The signs of a great Poet, Vyasji, who could talk about the present and imply the future with the same beautiful words. 

• The deeper meaning behind the full order in which the conches were blown on both sides: the Pandavas and the Kauravas, and the great story behind Shree Krushna's conch (Pāncajanya) . 

• Arjuna's flag of Kapidhvajah (the signs of movement and flickering) and Shree Krushna's name of Acyuta (one who is firm). 


Chapter 1 verses 4 to 6:


Chapter 1 verse 7:


Chapter 1 verse 8:


Chapter 1 verse 9:


Chapter 1 verse 10:


Chapter 1 verse 11:


Chapter 1 verse 12:


Chapter 1 verse 13:


Chapter 1 verse 14:


Chapter 1 verse 15:


Chapter 1 verses 16 to 18:


Chapter 1 verse 19:


Chapter 1 verse 20:


Chapter 1 verse 21:



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