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Bhagavad Gita Online Class 139

Thus has wisdom more secret than all secrets, been declared to you by Me. Reflect on it fully and do as you choose. ShreeKrushna has put so much trust on our intellects by saying that we should reflect on this fully and do what we think is right. This is ShreeKrushna's greatness. Being wise, powerful, opulent and strong and yet not imposing Yourself is true greatness (chapter 18 verses 58 to 71) 


 •God's reassurance that "fixing your thought on Me, you shall, by My grace, cross over all difficulties; but if, from self-conceit, you will not listen (to Me), you shall perish".


•The reasons why sorrows are born from the happiness we have in our lives.


•If indulging in self-conceit, you think "I will not fight," vain is this, your resolve. Nature will compel you. A story of Arjuna's stay in the kingdom of King Virat in the Mahabhrata.


•The Lord abides in the hearts of all beings, causing them to turn round by His power as if they were mounted on a machine. Flee unto Him for shelter with all your being. By his grace shall you obtain supreme peace and eternal abode.


•The God residing within you is your true form and therefore you should find out the wish of God residing within you and perform karma (works) accordingly.


•Shree Krushna has given this message to Arjuna and then tells Arjuna to reflect on it fully and to do as Arjuna chooses. This is because Shree Krushna has placed a lot of faith in Arjuna's intellect. This is the greatness of Shree Krushna that the Lord never forces His view on anyone; He never imposes Himself. ShreeKrushna has never said that "you must do this"; He says that "you should do this because this is right. Reflect on it fully and do as you choose. I have faith on your intellect.


•There has never been such a lenient Dharmic speaker in the world; ShreeKrushna is incomparable in this meaning. And look it the other religions. Shree Krushna has put so much trust on our intellects by saying that we should reflect on this fully and do what we think is right. This is God's greatness. Despite being wise, powerful, opulent and strong and yet not imposing Yourself is such a big greatness.


•Shree Krushna tells Arjuna to listen to His supreme word, which is the most secret of all secrets and the greatest gnyān (wisdom) of all great gnyān (wisdom). Shree Krushna tells Arjuna that Arjuna is well beloved of Him and that is why He will tell Arjuna what is good for Arjuna. How does one become the beloved of God?


•The two things that come in pujā (worship): love and work.


•A story from the life of Swami Ramtirth about the importance of bowing down.


•ShreeKrushna tells Arjuna "abandoning all duties, come to Me alone for shelter. Be not grieved, for I shall release you from all sins". This is perhaps the only verse in the Gita of which you can give a simple and straightforward translation. The feeling of the heart comes out straightforwardly. You do not have to rearrange the feeling of the heart. It comes out naturally.


•The six characteristics that are needed when you tie a relationship with someone.


•The more egotistical the person then the more that he will bow down through his words.


•The difference between the rules of the material world and the rules of the Lord. The rules of the material world are such that the person who considers himself to be special because of material objects, these very same material objects make the person without those objects, deprived of objects and inferior. On the other hand, the rule of the Lord is that if through bhakti (devotion) one brings his antakaran (inner being) in close proximity with the Lord and absolutely does not consider themselves to be more special than the Lord or does not have egotism of anything then the more straightforwardness and transparency with which the person goes in close proximity with the Lord then the more that the Divinity of the Supreme Soul enters into that person. A study of a poem of Bartruhari.


•Why this wisdom is never to be spoken to one who is not austere in life or who has no devotion in Him or who is not obedient or who speaks ill of God.


•The milk of a lioness only stays in a golden vessel and if a vessel wishes to become a golden vessel then the impurities of gold can only be removed from fire.


•The definition of a devotee as one who has love, feelings and adoration in his heart for God, for God's scriptures, for God's thoughts and for God's activities.

•If someone is not standing there to welcome you and you are not getting respect there, and no feelings are being shown to you for example that "it is very nice that you have come", people are indifferent to you and the other person is saying that "he is wrong and that is why he has come", then good people and straightforward people should not go to such a place or should stop going to such a place, even if money and gold is being thrown at them because that wealth will give them turbulence. You should maintain your dignity while staying calm.


•ShreeKrushna says that "He who teaches this supreme secret to My devotees, showing the highest devotion to Me, shall doubtless come to Me. There is none among men who does dearer service to Me more than he; nor shall there be another dearer to Me in the world".


•Why Saints are like mothers.


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