Bhagavad Gita classes


Jai ShreeKrushna!



Below is some of the feedback we have received from students:

"What a lovely class. Thanks so much for arranging all of this. What I find truly amazing is how many people I know who have paid thousands to go on coaching classes and flown across the world and still come out unsure and all the while, you are offering these classes to us out of the greatness of your heart, around the corner from me! I'm really thankful that I can learn from you each week and for making the Gita accessible".

"A warm thanks once again for the kind invitation to attend the Bhagavad Gita session at CMS McKenna. Even after one session it is evident that you guys are doing some tremendous work and really delving deeper into our great text. I personally found the session extremely insightful and beneficial - I hope to attend more regularly"

"I would just like to praise the team for their commendable efforts so far. After wanting to come for so long, I finally had a chance to attend the class on Tuesday and was incredibly happy to see the way the whole event was conducted with such grace, passion and dedication. I will definitely be recommending the classes to friends and family. Wishing you and the team a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you in the New Year".

"I have seen nothing with the qualitive excellence of these Bhagavad Gita classes anywhere in the world".

"The class was phenomenal especially when learning the bit about not forcing someone to listen and knowing when to retract from a situation. The situation that occurred later with two people at a distance from each other and being overcome by their senses was really thought provoking. It will be interesting to find out how one saves their relationship when faced with such a dilemma. I'm so glad the classes are being recorded".

"It's truly inspiring to see what you've achieved through these discourses and the lessons that we've all enjoyed so far. It provides me with food for thought for the full week until we cover the following verses, and evidently the rest of the world too. I would like to thank you for providing such an accessible and engaging medium for studying the Gita. It feels great to have completed chapter 2 with the class and I thoroughly look forward to beginning chapter 3!"

"I have heard so much about the talks you host every week, my father always comes back most enlightened! I hear you've moved onto chapter three this week, I haven't as yet managed to watch the uploaded videos, but when I get a chance will definitely pass on my feedback. I have been meaning to read the Gita as I am very interested in its philosophical aspect, however have been told its quite a difficult text to get to grips with so your classes would be perfect for me to get a better understanding".

"I love listening to your every word. Makes the Gita so easy to understand".

"The Aumkar is fantastic and I'm really thankful for you teaching us this method of meditation. Feeling so alive and full of energy today. Thanks again :-)"

"Well done yesterday there were some very difficult concepts that you had to explain and you did v well. I liked the meditation at the start too. Really good class".

"Class was excellent yesterday and I was even educating my mum when I came back from class so thank you very much. I funnily enough was going to email you to expand for my benefit, so I am clear on how best to meditate on the immensely powerful Hari Aum when we are by ourselves. I want to incorporate that into my daily routine. I used to do a lot of yoga and found it hugely beneficial and wish to get back into it"

"Thanks for the great class yesterday, and loved the meditation at the end. Lets keep this as a regular feature please".

"Many thanks for the amazing class yesterday. i attended after listing to quite a few of the youtubes that particularly intrigued me and wish to get through all of them soon".


"I have been watching your classes on youtube - until Chapter 1 - 41 verse. I have shared the links with my friends, brother and friends in India. I have watched other sessions of yours like '7 Leadership qualities of Ganapathy'. I would like to attend all your events/sessions/lectures. Thank you very very much for your GREAT service"

"I very much enjoyed yesterday evening. You are doing an excellent job"

"I am so glad that I have found these classes"

"Great class yesterday; I took in an unbelievable amount of material in a very short space of time"

"I'm impressed you get up each week to basically teach people what the Gita means. That's a lot of time spent. I'm also impressed you manage to fit it all into your deal smashing lifestyle!"

" I had been following some of your series online from my desk when I get the opportunity and it was nice to finally attend. I really admire what you are doing".

"Good to see you on Tuesday and thanks for the session. I really liked the 8 step method to achieve peace of mind - this will definitely be very useful on a day to day basis".

"Great event and great initiative. May the Lord always be with you"

"It was a really great class yesterday. I am eager to watch the previous videos"

"I found the concept of pleasure and pain quite stirring. It seems inevitable that as human beings we would genuinely strive towards something that provides pleasure and satisfaction. In which case it is only natural to seek to avoid pain, however in doing so the mind is increasingly focussed on the negative. I guess the secret is in keeping a neutral mind: if one does not experience pleasure, how can one experience pain? I can't wait for the next class. It will be interesting to understand how to keep the mind calm and achieve peace, despite challenges that could otherwise be construed as setbacks. I guess it's all about having the positive drive to move forward in life no matter what happens by keeping the mind focussed on the set goal".

"It is a matter of immense pleasure and proud that Gita classes and its videos is getting tremendous responce from everybody. Our heartiest congrats and 'Vandan' to all of you over there for putting in your efforts for this 'RamKaaj'. My prayers and blessings to you all".

"Just wondering how long the knowledge sessions are for? They are wonderful :). Looking forward to our next class".


"I really enjoyed your sessions".

"The class yesterday was unbelievable. Congratulations on your great work"

"Thanks again for the amazing classes- I'm learning lots".

"Was good to be back to the sessions yesterday. Gives you a feel of spiritual reconnection!"

"I watched the Gita class videos and I was very impressed by what I saw"

"Its is so kind of you that you are giving these classes. May the Lord guide you in your noble work!"

"You know I'm a big fan of ur Bhagavad Gita classes and i really appreciate your work and thanks for the links"

"I thought the session was amazing. The breathing exercise absolutely relaxed my mind and I felt positive and relaxed. It was the best feeling ever."

'I was amazed at how I was completely taken away from the pressures of work by attending a class. Even in the midst of a busy working day and within the confines of the office, the session was masterfully led by the presenter who literally transported my mindset to another place. I would certainly recommend it to others'

"I thought the session was great, I must admit to being a bit cynical about meditation beforehand presenter was fantastic and managed to change my mind about it all - found it all fascinating and its definitely something that I will continue to practise!"

"The last session was truly relaxing and engaging. I returned to my desk calm and with a fresh perspective."

"I enjoyed it all and it was the first time I had meditated! It was really relaxing - I would do this all over again"

"Yesterday was such an interesting session"

"The session was exhilarating and truly special and I loved the energy in the room."


"I thoroughly enjoyed the class last week".

"Thank you for a wonderful story in chapter 2 verse 41!

you are great!"

"Thank you so much for today's session!

Brilliant one, thank you so much!"


Great class yesterday- I love your energy and motivation in delivering this, it makes a big difference!!"

"The delivery has made such a big difference- I come out so fired up and inspired every Tuesday"

"Your talk was truly inspirational"

"This week was excellent, it's good to have context and real life stories"

"I was so inspired after yesterday that I have started reading around a lot to give me more background"

"Congratulations and thank you for organising a wonderful talk- it was very well received by my friends I brought along"

"Thank you for these classes. I have been really inspired"

"I really enjoyed the Gita study class yesterday. Thank you. Your energy and enthusiasm are inspiring"

"It has been a great pleasure and pretty educational in meeting you and listening to your talk"

"I would like to express my gratitude for you taking time out of your busy schedule to give these fantastic speeches. I brought my friend along who is not Hindu and he was very inspired by the content of your talks"
"The talk was inspirational and I am so grateful for this project"

"This has been a brilliant inititiative"

"Thanks for putting on such a good series of events"

"From the inspiring verses and their explanations in the Bhagavad Gita class I have become more committed to carry out the actions prescribed in Sanatana Dharma, such as selfless service, amongst other duties that I hold".

"The Bhagavad Gita classes themselves reinforce my wish to learn more about my religion and without these, I would not feel so empowered to continue learning to the level of dedication that I have now".


"Thank you for the lovely class yesterday"

"I have now started to follow your youtube excerpts and wanted to congratulate you. Keep it up"

"I have seen a few of the YouTube videos, they are really good, keep up the good work!"

"We are so proud of you and hope you flourish like this all the time. May your hard work and dedication towards 'life-changing path' go a lon.......g way"

"I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your award nomination! What you've accomplished, especially in such a short time is very impressive. Even when I have been away, you've inspired me enough that I've picked up the Gita again and regularly return to your Youtube videos!"

"I've said this before but ill say it again, I'm proud to know that someone from our community is doing work like you are every week because I am finding it extremely beneficial".

"huge congratulations. Couldn't think of a more deserving organisation for that award".

"Congrats on a great event and turnout! Have a great weekend and thank you for inviting me!"

"Well done for your class yesterday!"

"Well done- all your hard work is paying off. May God always be with you".

"Congratulations on the award and best wishes for your continued success".

"These classes are a great achievement! Well done".

"Congratulations on the award ! And long may it continue".

"Congratulations on the award and really well done".

"Truly impressed with your work. It seems to me that you and your team is doing far more than a lot of Hindu Organisations and Temples".

"Fantastic on your award . Thanks for the Bhagvad Gita you tube classes as these helped to clarify a lot of misconceptions about our faith as regards caste, gender equality- your organisation has helped a lot with this".

"Your award is fantastic news, congratulations and well done! Here's to many more successful events to come :)"

"Congratulations to yourself and the rest of the team for all the great achievements you have achieved over the past year! It is great to see teachings of Sanantan Dharma going so far and especially that the team has been short-listed for such an award! May Lord Krishna guide you to expand this further and make a difference to many more people!"
"Congratulations on everything you have achieved so far"

"You are doing a fantastic job with these classes"

"I have also been
listening to your talks and I think your are doing a commendable job".

"Thank you for these classes- you are doing such a great job".

"Congratulations to all of you on this project and many thanks to all of you who work so hard to make it a success!"


"Well done everyone on this great project".

"Congrats on a wonderful series of classes. Jai ShreeKrushna!"

"These classes are awesome. Huge congratulations on the award"

"This is such an amazing initiative- you have done great work as the brain-child".

"This is such a tremendous achievement. Congratulations on yet another great series of classes".

"Just saw some of your videos and it has made me want to study the Gita more. Great stuff".

"Well done for completing another amazing series of classes".

"Congratulations on the award. You deserve it after the incredible amount of hard work you put in to organise these life changing talks!!!"

"Really proud of you. Excellent work. Keep it up dear friend".

"Great class yesterday- fantastic. And congrats on the award which is testament to your hard work and effort".

"Congratulations on your achievements in spreading the nectar of Gita wisdom to the world"

"Namaste. We Nepalese Hindus of Shiva Cultural and Community Centre and Nepalese Hindu Forum UK salute you and your team for this great success. You have made us all proud".

"I was going through an extremly tough time in my life and the videos of your classes have helped me so much during this difficult period. I watch the videos before I go to bed every night. It is absolutely remarkable what you're doing and I cant believe you manage it all while also working in a busy life as a Mergers & Acquisitions lawyer".

"What a wonderful class today- thank you for sharing this gnyan (wisdom) with us!".

"It is so amazing to see how tolerant Hinduism is. I am VERY excited about the next class!


"It was so lovely
to be at class! I must say so
it's lovely to have your association!! Thank u for an inspiring class!"

"Thanks for the invite to the event - very professionally organised with warm loving hospitality to go with it as always. Was humbling to meet Pujyashree we are so fortunate to have a selfless Guruji of his calibre at a Central London corporate firm, who would have thought it? Testament to your hard work and vision! On top of that the topic of meditation was ever so apt and relevant in turning inwards to find tranquillity in a hectic world, I found it hugely beneficial and I will endeavour to put this into practice in my day to day life".

"I enjoyed the talk so much and would love to show my mother and father the videos".

"Thank you for organising such wonderful sessions! I would appreciate if you could thank Guruji on my behalf for his invaluable insight into meditation. On the whole, a wonderful sessionfor all of us. Thanks for all your efforts"

"A heartfelt thanks and many congratulations on organising an amazing, successful meditation course. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to meet Pujyashree, and I was deeply moved by his words and the experiences he enabled us to achieve. Thank you".

"Once again, I'd like to say what a brilliant job you and the team supporting you have done. It brings me great pride that there are people with the strength of character you all have shown in bringing events like this together in the City. Good luck and see you at one of the upcoming events very soon".

"Congratulations on such a great event! I will surely watch the videos. Thanks for making these sessions available on video! Wish you all the best for all future events and classes and I hope they continue to make an impact to so many people! Have a great weekend!"

"Thank you so much for organising such wonderful and inspiring sessions I had an amazing experience!!!
It's fab that you have got the footage on YouTube already I've already got my mum to watch it".

"Well done on another well organised event. Pass on my thanks to Guruji for the classes. I look forward to seeing the third day's video. Thanks"

"I just wanted to thank you for organising a great meditation session last week.

It was a pleasure to learn from Guruji in person and be part of such an environment".

"Your video provided excellent guidance on meditation".

"What a fabulous class and congratulations on the award. Very well deserved".

"Excellent class, really well done".

"Thanks for sharing your wonderful wisdom and congratulations on your award. It is clearly ell deserved after all the hard work and effort you have put it and I wish you all the very best of luck on the big day!"


"Many congratulations on a great series of classes and wishing you and the Network all the best at the forthcoming awards events".

"I am delighted to share in the success of you and CMS-really incredible accolodates to add to an already exceptional list!"

"Congratulations on a wonderful series of classes. Well done".


"Congratulations to you & your team for the Sheer Hard work ,efforts.

Well done .You certainly deserve this. Especially when I see the youth participating in this I really have to applaud you.
I am sure you will pass the Bhagwat Gita message across via our Respected Bapu Bhupendrabhai .
You are ceratinly on the right path".

"Keep up the good work and hope you get continued blessing and strength from the Lord".

"Yesterday was a great class".

"Brillaint show.
That shows on your leadership"


"What an excellent commentary- thanks for sharing"

" Congratulations on completing chapter 6 and for the award, I'm very happy that your hard work is being widely acknowledged!"


"My heartiest congratulations to you and all at CMS Hindu Network for this long overdue prestigious recognition.


Keep up the good work in the name of Hindu Dharma".

" My heartiest congratulations to you and your team. Keep up the good work.

Take care and keep in touch".

"Fantastic once again that you were nominated and your great efforts are recognised not only within CMS but at large!"

"Keep up the good work. Hindu youngsters need SHYAM".

"Thank you so much for sending me very useful and dear to heart articles about Gita. All the info you have is very useful...Thank You".

"I just wanted to say congratulations on CMS Hindu Network being shortlisted for the award that is amazing and thank you so much for organising the gita classes and mediation sessions".

"We really enjoyed the mediation session. We are also trying to follow the gita talks online. The talks are engaging and I like the way the talk opens up the platform on the interpretation of the book of knowledge".

"Really enjoyed the class last night and look forward to attending more".

"Brilliant sewa to the community.
Keep up the good work".

"I wish you all the best and continue your enlightement of wonderful knowledge. Pranam"

"Thank you for your continuing sound bites. These are always both interesting and motivating.keep it up. Hope to see you soon".

"Thank you very much for all the wisdom you have provided"

"That was a very interesting class indeed!"

"I'm truly blessed with this email and the classes. Happy Navratri".

"Thanks for the lovely email and the classes. Happy Navratri to you".

"Many thanks for your classes!"

"Many thanks for forwarding meditation sessions & message from Guruji about Navratri. It was nice knowing you & I am benefiting from your informations".

"Thank you for such an enlightening session!"

"Enjoy the recognition at the award and the fact that you have made a difference to all our lives, which we completely appreciate and are thankful for!"

"Your classes have definitely had a positive impact on our lives and have met some wonderful people along the way... best of luck this evening at the awards :))"

"The Bhagavad Gita talk provided an opportunity to listen to the timeless wisdom and knowledge that is as relevant to our life in the modern world as it was when the Bhagavad Gita was written many thousand years ago. CMS has made it accessible and brought it to our doorstep in central London."

"It was good to meet you & listen to you. Thanks for the email & link to your verses, have listened to the introduction & already very impressed by your breadth of knowledge, flair of talking and ability to link our culture to everyday life. Looking forward to seeing the following verses now. It will most definitely be great to spend more time with you & understand more about our beautiful culture".

"Fantastic. Keep up doing good work. God Bless you".

"Keep it up! May ShreeKrushna give you the energy and wisdom to spread His divine message"

"Thank you so much for all the info you are sending".

"First and foremost thank you for the brilliant Gita Gnyan class video i am a buddy to Aston university and we watched some of it at our first aarti"

"Congratulations on yet another outstanding class".

"What an interesting, lovely and excellent class today"

"Congratulations on your wonderful work and brilliant sessions"

"Thank you for your wisdom. We are interested in the Gita classes, particularly for children and youth group".

"Congratulations on the awards and the classes- all the best!"

"Congratulations everyone for finishing chapter 6 and hope you win all six awards".

"Amazing achievements in a heavily contested environment. You are doing real meaningful work. Good luck with the final round".

"Jai ShreeKrushna and congratulations on finishing great chapter 6 classes"

"Well done, good to see you recognised at the awards for these beautiful classes!"

"Congratulations - it takes someone like you to achieve this commendable feat. Wishing you more energy to continue on your wonderful journey".

"Well done and congratulations to you and the rest of the network! Another great class yesterday".

"JaiShreeKrishna.. Well done! Lets hope you finally get the recognition you deserve :)"

"Well done on such a meaningful class. See you next week!"

"Well and many many congratulations to all of you !! We will support you to develop a network here if you require. Do please let us know. Focus on your task and it will grow. We are all very proud of you".

"Congratulations well deserved for your hard work and activism"

"Congratulations on your fantastic class. Well done and good luck at the awards"

"Great news about the awards and congratulations"

"Congratulations on the award. You definitely deserve it for these classes. Jai ShreeKrushna!"

"Congratulations on the nomination for these classes have changed my life"

"Congratulations for your achivement and am sure you will b the winner :)"

"This just proves that ShreeKrushna's energy is with us! I'm all the more happy about five speakers that are prepared in this brief journey of one year. Kudos to Dhruv, Meera, Sonal, Mayank and Veena! And how can we forget Lakshmi who began translating Ramayan? Everyone attending the class feels richer within and is inspired to understand spirituality in correct perspective, without any sectarian boundaries. Truly an achievement! On this joyous moment, let us all rededicate ourselves to do SHYAM's SATKARMA and spread His divine message world over!"

"I have listened to your first talk on the Gita, and I am in awe of the volume of things you talk about in the next 50 or so talks. You will say it is a definite fact, and you could be right, that the answer to life

Lies in the Gita. I want to find out".

"I just wanted say Thank you for the class yesterday - very inspiring. I've had a copy of the Gita for some time and found the chapters quite difficult to interpret. Your detailed explanations really help with the understanding and it has kickstarted me into studying it further which is good. I look forward to the next class. See you all on the 20th!"

"What a lovely class. Thank you. Indeed it is an amazing journey we are all going through. We are all very truly blessed to have these opportunties present themselves in our lives to give us guidance throughout our existence. Happy Diwali and my best wishes to you and your family for a spectacular New Year!"

"Wow, that was a fantastic class well done"

"Congratulations on the one year anniversary of the Geeta classes. Its truly an amazing achievement and I'm happy that Bhai introduced me to you and your wonderful work :) Wishing that the coming year will be just as successful. The classes have bought together a lovely group people and I'm really glad to have met you all and have you in my life now".

"Well done to everyone involved and congratulations on winning a CSR Award!"

"Congratulations on the first anniversary of Bhagwad Gita sessions, keep up the hard work".

"Well done for your achievements and please mention them at your Diwali event next week!"

"Wow congratulations on another great Gita class".

"Great work and initiative on organizing the Diwali celebrations in both the London and Bristol offices. Thanks a lot!!!"

"Your class was so great yesterday".

"There were excellent explanations during the class yesterday".

"It takes one candle to light up many candles; similarly the goodness in one can be mirrored in many through guidance and teaching. As you have done so well with the Bhagavad Gita sessions".

"My colleagues asked me lots after the talk- we have just finished the food, they liked your passion a lot. Your passion is amazing! they found that very interesting, they liked your stories and explanation of symbols and everything ;) thank you for giving us an inspiring talk and continuously teaching us!"

"I am SO proud of you!"

"Many thanks for your whistle-stop tour of talks of Diwali. Cheryl and I are adopting Ganesh and Durga resepctively as our life models!"

"This is a wonderful achievement and another great accolade to add to yours and CMS's impressive list! I am so pleased for all the wonderful things you are achieving and you truly are an inspiration to us youngsters. I am sure your sister must think of you as a wonderful role model, I certainly do-infact I regard you as my mentor in many respects".

"Congratulations! This series is a great achievement".

"Warm congratulations to Dhruv and the CMS Hindu network team for winning the two awards and for their great Gita classes".

"I love your energy, it is truly inspiring! Congratulations :-)"

"My felicitations and heartiest congratulations on your winning CSR Award 2012. When sprituality is married to materialistic life the devotion to CSR becomes the baby that one nurses out of natrual love and affection without any expectation in return. And the recognition earned by your company is joy and bliss of this discouse. Please keep it up and best wishes".

"Congratulations on the outstanding chapter 7 series of talks".

"Well done mate on the chapter 7 series. Your award was well deserved!"

"Congratulations.Well done . Keepup the good work. Sanatan Dharma need organisations like yours".

"Congratulations once again go your way for the extreme efforts put in.Well done!!!!!"

"Congratulations this is fantastic news for all Hindu's and kudos to CMS on recognising the work, contribution and output of the network, it certainly makes them look good and a choice firm for Hindu's and other Dharmic faiths. Pujyashree Bhupendrabhai Pandya's wisdom and blessings are certainly being felt! Personally, and on behalf of the Hindu Council UK looking forward to continue our relationship and wishing you and the network and fabulous year ahead".

"Congratulations. Fantastic efforts!"

"I too am proud of Dhruv, and partly because he never loses sight of Dharma and his Guru Bhupendra Pandya ji is a down to earth holy person also. Congrats Dhruv".

"Congratulations, Beta! May this achievement be an initial foundation for many more to come! My love, prayers & blessings are always with you!"

"Its amazing to hear that the CMS Hindu Network spread to many countries in short time. And places like Yemen also you have had penetration that is really appreciable".

"Congratulations :) Welll done on the well deserved awards .."

"The awards are really good news. Well done to you and the rest of your team on the chapter 7 series of classes".

"Hare Krishna. All I like to say is congratulations of your success and may bring more peace and happiness into people's life all around the world. You have definately put a smile on my face on a Saturday morning. :)"

"Well done, keep up the hard work. May Lord Krushna continue to shower His grace on you forever".

"Wow buddy , am so proud of this .......................may be we ought to get this recognised ............"

"Congrats on a great chapter 7 series of Gita talks and for the awards".

"I am so proud of you!"

"Congratulations on the awards! Another reminder of how much you have achieved in a short space of time!"

"Great turnout! Impressive effort. Well done!"

"I really enjoyed it and the music was brilliant! Congratulations again on a hugely successful event last night".

"Fantastic effort yesterday. Congratulations in organising such a moving and insightful event".

"I just wanted to say well done for yesterdays turn out and event. Keep up the good work".

"My wife and I really enjoyed the event yesterday. It was great to meet so many people and we look forward to attending the Gita and other classes in the future. I appreciate all the effort and hard work you and the team put in to make the event a success. Please pass on my thanks to the team".

"There really was a great feeling in the room and the atmosphere created whilst singing felt so good".

"Just wanted to say a massive congratulations for organising the event last night, you did an awesome job and your speech was really thoughtful and inspirational. Nice to see such a packed out hall. Well done".

"Just a short note to say a big 'Thank You' for inviting me along to the event yesterday -

I really did enjoy the event. It's the first time I have attended a Diwali event and it was most enlightening".

"Thanks for yesterday and well done! Everyone we spoke to had a really good night".

"It is me who must thank you for such a wonderful evening. The room was packed with young and intellectual audience. It was really great to be a part of the gathering. Also, I must confess, hearing your speech on Lord Hanumanji gave me goosebumps. I am a devotee of Lord Hanuma. I wrote a book called "Secrets of Sundarakanda" which is not yet published. You have touched my heart by your wonderful speech. It is because of the presence of people like you our Dharma is standing in its glory. I can only pray Lord that he blesses you with more and more health, wealth and energy so that Hindu Dharma gets help following the divine instruction 'dharmo rakshati rakshitah' [Dharma protected protects you in return]. Please do not hesitate to include me in your audience. And yes I would love to do Aarti again next year. God bless you and your family".

"I really enjoyed the event and wish you every success in the getting the organisation off the ground".

"I wanted to congratulate you on a most spectacular event and evening yesterday at the CMS Diwali Dinner. I personally really enjoyed it and I am sure as I looked around-everyone else did! The speakers were excellent and so inspiring, the mehfillers were very musically gifted-well found and Lakshmi Aarti meaning was great! Very nicely put together. This is yet again another testament to your hard work so very well done for so warmly inviting everyone. I certainly sung your praises where possible and am really grateful for our friendship. You are such an inspiration and thank you for the goodness that you so warmly and passionately spread every week".

"My son went to the event for the first time. He said it was a great event and he was impressed with your professionalism. Once again well done for a great event".

"Just a quick note to say thank you for inviting me to the celebration of Diwali at CMS. My sister, a friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Well done on hosting such a successful event".

"Jai Shri Krushna! It was a blessing to be a part of yesterday's diwali celebrations. Truly spirited atmosphere indeed.I was good to know about your global impact initiative and be a part of a beautiful evening".

"Wow! What a thrilling event. Well done buddy!"

"Great job again - thought the event and your talk were fantastic! Excellent job by all the others involved as well".

"It was an absolute pleasure to attend your event. I found it very interesting and also enjoyed the networking afterwards".

"Really was a great evening and many thanks to CMS for organising and hosting such a successful event and for Dhruv for all is hard work and enthusiasm which is very infectious!"

"I am glad that the Diwali celebrations went well. It looks like you could have filled the room 3 times over - it certainly is a popular event, and it is nice to hear that there are a lot of non-Hindus who are embracing your teachings every week too. You have worked hard to get it to the level it is, and deserve all the praise you get for it - it has certainly involved a lot of effort on both your and others in the Hindu network's part".

"You n team did a great job. Been meaning to thank you - so thank you".

"Well done on the Diwali event last week

-it was excellent news!"

"Thank you for this class, beautiful!"

"Hats off to you guys on this great effort".

"Wow - you have been doing some great work".

"Jay ShreeKrushna! Unbelievable! You are so quick in spreading this divine message!"

"Jai ShreeKrushna! I am always impressed with your classes. You are a great speaker ! The classes are very thought provoking and make me wonder certain things".

"I saw the videos of Pujyashree Bhupendrabhai's Gita class - He's awesome!"

"Thanks for the excellent class today".

"Jay Shri Krishna. Well done on completing another year of excellent Gita classes".

"Thank you- it was a joy to hear and learn more about hanumanji from you. It will be one of my most cherished learnings from 2012".

"This is amazing work. My best to you".

"What you have achieved is phenomenal. I am very proud of you".

"Your teams efforts are fully appreciated and applauded".

"Look at what the youth of today are doing! Blending the old with the new to formulate an intelligent approach to religion. CMS Cameron McKenna should be applauded for the way they are backing Dhruv and others in this. They do this to promote diversity in the workplace not only because it makes the firm a better place to work - but also because it makes perfect business sense. Dhruv is not a Lohana but I would rather my children spend time listening to what he is saying than many Lohanas".

"Thank you so much for your touching email and wonderful description on the Gita! So touching email and full of wisdom, just like the book itself! I wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays and may God bless you all!"

"What a dedicated massive effort. All these achievements are a fantastic reflection of this. Wishing you an even more successful 2013. Best wishes and may Krishna bless you in abundance".

"Namaste - Happy New Year - keep up the good work".

"I was reflecting on last night on the way in this morning. What impressed was the way other faiths were brought in to show that they all have the same base in different language (ie all are Dharmic)".

"Jai ShreeKrushna! Thank you for that lovely story. Ekadashi, especially the auspicious day of Indira Ekadashi, has a very special place in my heart. I know that the divine force generates a lot of power & strength on that day. Through the grace of the Guru you have been spreading the knowledge of the Gita in a most inspiring way & it would be wonderful to meet the source of your inspiration"

"Thank you for the lovely class today as ever.."

"Thanks for your class. It's lovely to hear from you & I'm glad you found this inspiring. Your teaching inspires many so it was only a matter of time before inspiration came knocking on your door! :o) I love the story given too. It resonated with me in such a profound way & gives an experiential way of being more conscious but more importantly how to gain the freedom to make karma more conscious. I now understand the importance of fearlessness and why there are so many commentaries on fear in spiritual & philosophical texts. Any action performed with fear is going against the grain of our true innate nature. It's so true that full conscious involvement & intensity in any action can only come in the absence of of fear. Very inspiring as you say!"

"Jayshreekrishna. It was a pleasure to attend this wonderful class. Congratulations to you too in relation to completing Hanumanchalisa.Well done.Don't work too hard now".

"Wow! What a wonderful story that was given in the class".

"Great class today, well done".

"Congratulations and thank you for your hard work in making our Hindu network such a star in our D&I programme!"

"Jai ShreeKrushna! I'm just so proud of you!"

"Many congratulations and keep up the stellar service you are doing".

"I just read your profile in Asian Voice and it is really phenomenal! You are inspirational at bringing together success in the material world and success in the spiritual world".

"Congratulations! I felt happy and immensely proud reading this article for all your achievements. Worldwide Hindu community desperately needs dynamic and dedicated leaders like you to safeguard sanatana dharma. May God bless you and your family. All the best".

"Amazing teacher I have and such a wonderful class :)!!!! How can you even function with this busy schedule? :) You are awesome!!!"

"People at the talk appreciated the success story of the network that you spearhead and how you have championed this cause for two years now. People seemed particularly impressed and asked how the network had managed to gather such a huge support in such a short time".

"I just wanted to say what wonderful classes are being given regarding the Bhagvad Gita. I have been following them online from the beginning. The content of each class is so good and I feel I am learning new things from the verses even though I have already read the Gita + watched Mahabharat/Ramayan. Dhruv comes across very passionate about it, please pass on my congratulations. Thank you and Continue the great work!"

"I heard you speak at the CMS Diwali event, and truly admired your knowledge of Hinduism and your aspiration to pass this knowledge to others. I thought of emailing you today and just wanted to thank you for always trying to pass Wisdom about our faith to us so that we can actually truly understand ourselves better and grow up or instill knowledge into others we come across and make sure the Hindu tradition passes to all generations".

"I am very much impressed with your vision and efforts in bringing back our more or less lost generation of not knowing their true identity. Fantastic. Once again thank you and congratulations with lost of best wishes".

"I like the approach you are taking to help the community. I honestly believe that you are committed to serving. Well done".

"Well done on finishing the fantastic chapter 8 classes! You have much to be proud of".

"I am truly touched by your enthusiasm and warmth towards spreading the love for your faith, and am happy to see there are young Hindus out there who may be living in Britain but still believe in holding onto their Indian tradition which I feel is somewhat lost in this country but am trying to instill into those who I come across and feel need to be reminded of their faith".

"You know I was thinking on the way home last night and this morning about the verses from yesterday and what I'm learning. I'm reading Talks on the Gita by Vinoba and so every day am absorbing more and more. And I just wanted to say how grateful I feel to be able to receive these classes that you are so selflessly giving. No matter how cold it is, or how tired you must be, you are there :) It's a true blessing... Thank you".

"I wanted to get in touch to let you know how much I enjoyed class yesterday. It actually was one of my favourite classes and I especially enjoyed learning about chapter 9 verse 2 where the largest part of the class went. I also found the meditation and the best way to do it really useful and I was telling mum and dad about it yesterday evening".

"This is so impressive and inspiring. Keep up the good work".

"Onwards and upwards we rise together. Spread a message of love, peace and harmony".

"I'm proud of you and your superb achievements.... keep up the good work :)"