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Jai ShreeKrushna!


Class 84: The seven unique powers of women and a study of the Devi Bhagavad and the life of Vidhyaranya Swami about the Gayatri mantra and how it protects one who chants it   (chapter 10 verses 34 to 36) 
  • The seven unique powers of women: kirti (fame), Shree (prosperity), vaak (speech), smriti (memory), medhaa (intelligence), druti (firmness) and kshama (patience). 
  • How to have excellent speech and what you can tell about a person from their speech. 
  • A study of the memory power and why women have been proven on average to have better memory that men. 
  • A definition of Kshama (forgiveness) as when one has the power over another and yet still does not take revenge. 
  • A study of the Brihatsāman hymn. 
  • A study of the Gayatri mantra and how it protects one who chants it. Why the Gāyatri mantra is the Mahamantra. 
  • A study of the Devi Bhagavat about effects of chanting the Gayatri mantra. 
  • The three sandhyās in a day: prāta sandhyā (the end of the night and the beginning of the day), maddhyāna sandhyā (noon) and sāyam sandhyā (the end of the day and the beginning of the night). 
  • A study of the Shankha Smruti about the qualities of the Gayatri mantra. A study of the life of Vidhyāranya Swami. 
  • A study of the Samvartha Smurti, which shows us how we should perform jap (chanting) of the Gāyatri mantra. 
  • Why Shree Krushna says that of the months, mārgasirsa (between November and December) is His vibhuti (divine manifestation). 
  • Why Shree Krushna then says that all seasons, the flower-bearer Spring is His vibhuti (divine manifestation). 
  • A study of the Keno Upanishad about why we should remember God during our victory. 
  • Inspirational verses in Sanskrit that can make even the unhappiest of all people arise. 
  • When great people achieve success in their work when it is because of their inner strength and not their means or instruments that they achieve success. 

Chapter 10 verse 34:

Chapter 10 verse 35:

Chapter 10 verse 36: 

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