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Class 79: The perfect love that is without any reasons, without any expectation and without satiation: a study of the relationship of Ram and Sita in the Ramayan (chapter 9 verses 10 to 18) 
  • God continues saying such things that He in reality does not need to say and yet He is still saying them. When a person is charged with a lot of love and is speaking then He does not even realise what he is saying; He just keeps speaking and speaking.
  • A study of the 11th canto of the Shrimad Bhagavad about devotees who do not wish for anything.
  • A study of the Bengali play "Sunno Janmajay" by Badal Sarkar about loving someone without a reason.
  • Ramanunjacharyaji's definition of Buddhi Yogam (the concentration of the intellect).
  • The beautiful story of Kevat from the ShreeRamCharitManas about how God's heart is filled with compassion for the devotee when the devotee loves God without expectation.
  • A study of the work of Guru Gorakhnath about the great state when the Supreme Soul just gives when He feels like giving and without being asked.
  • A study of the Chandogya Upanishad about seeing Brahman everywhere.
  • A study of the Taittriya Upanishad about enquiring about Brahman.
  • A study of the Bhrdanyak Upanishad and the Narayan Upanishad about the Supreme Light of God.
  • A study of the word Rutam (Truth) from the Vedas.
  • A study of the name Keshava for God and how it represents the Holy Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.
  • The two types of shāstra (scriptures): asti pradhān shāstra (factual scriptures) and astu pradhān shāstra (scriptures about how it should be).  Why the 10th chapter of the Gita is an asti pradhān shāstra (factual scripture).
  • Ramanunjacharya's definition of Bhutabhāvana (the Source of beings).
  • The difference between Dharma and science.
  • A study of the model relationship in the Ramayan of Ram and Sita and why there was never any satiation in their love.
Chapter 10 verse 10:
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Chapter 10 verse 18:

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