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Class 7: How to tolerate pleasures and pains (chapter 2 verses 14 to 22)

This class will cover:

    • How can you learn to tolerate pleasures and pains? The economics law of diminishing returns.
    • The story of a great Saint who showed people the relative nature of pleasures and pains.
    • Is a billionaire really happier than a beggar? The truth behind happiness and sadness.
    • What is existent and what is non-existent: the physics law of the centre of motion.
    • The meaning of the word vidhi: Sumitra's advice to Lakshman before he went to the forest for 14 years in the Ramayan.

Chapter 2 verse 14:

Chapter 2 verse 15:

Chapter 2 verse 16:

Chapter 2 verse 17:

Chapter 2 verse 18:

Chapter 2 verse 19:

Chapter 2 verse 20:

Chapter 2 verses 21 and 22:

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