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Class 31: Reverence, inquiry and service as the three steps to learn wisdom from a Guru (chapter 4 verses 34 to 42)

This class covers:

  • The three steps by which one can learn wisdom from a Guru: humility, inquiry and service. What one can learn in the proximity of a Guru.
  • What the Mahabharata says about the difference between wisdom and information
  • How it is a very big thing to bow down: the example of the river and the pitcher.
  • How to attain the quality of humility.
  • A study of the different types of questions one can ask and what they show about the person.
  • The importance of service and close proximity with the Guru. How the pupil learns from the Guru and the Guru observes the pupil.
  • The differences between direct wisdom (having a Guru) and indirect wisdom (attending discourses).
  • How to find out more about yourself and who you are. A study of the Mahabharata.
  • How everybody in the world is limited by a guilt complex and how to remove it. The example of jumping into a river with a rock tied to you. How to remove guilt from your life.
  • Why, however much respected, knowledgeable or strong you are, not all people will praise you.
  • The difference between how sins our looked at in the West (as a reality) and in the East (as a dream). Why sin is not reality but a dream
  • Shree Krushna's formula of the four consequences of having wisdom.
  • The four qualifications needed to attain wisdom and how to attain these. A study of why the Gopis were able to experience the Divine Raas.
  • How one is not able to control the senses by suppressing them; once has to win over them with love.
  • Why a person who has no faith and is of a doubting nature perishes. What happens when we do not know ourselves?
  • A study of the last words of chapter 4: ātishta and utishta meaning "be steady" and "stand up" respectively.
  • Conclusion of chapter 4 of the Gita.

Chapter 4 verse 34:

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