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Class 17: A manual for controlling the mind and the senses (chapter 3 verses 5 to 7)

This class covers:

  • William Wordsworth's explanation for why one cannot go for a second without acting.
  • An introduction to the threefold modes of nature (goodness, passion and dullness). Ramakrishnaji's famous example of the prince and three thieves.
  • How the industrial revolution led to instability and worries piling up in people's minds.
  • Why suppression is a mistake: a study of Freud, Schweitzer and Marx. The example of a padlocked house burning.
  • What are the reasons for hypocricy? The fundamental differences between hypocrites and principled people.
  • How to end hypocricy and how to make the mind and the body steady: an explanation of the schools of Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.
  • How negativism does not work with the mind. Kuwe's law of reverse effect in the field of psychology. The example of a cyclist and a rock.
  • How to control the senses with the mind. The famous example in the Katho Upanishad of the senses as horses and the mind as a charioteer.

Chapter 3 verse 5:
Chapter 3 verse 6:

Chapter 3 verse 7:

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