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Jai ShreeKrushna!


Class 140: Wherever there is Krushna, the Lord of yoga, and Partha (Arjuna), the archer, there will surely be fortune, victory, welfare and morality (chapter 18 verses 72 to 78) 
  • Arjuna stands firm with his doubts and delusion dispelled and says that he is ready to act according to ShreeKrushna’s word. 
  • Why Samjaya’s hairs stood on end upon hearing this sacred dialogue of ShreeKrushna and Arjuna.
  • The definition of a Māhātmā (great soul).
  • When one has attained gnyān (wisdom), the first consequence of this gnyān (wisdom) 
  • is that his egotism goes away first.
  • Wherever there is Krushna, the Lord of yoga, and Partha (Arjuna), the archer, there will surely be fortune, victory, welfare and morality.
  • For a very long time this Gita Gnyan Yagna (Yagna of the wisdom of the Gita) has been constantly running. At the time of this conclusion, I ask one thing from all of you as dakshinā (a Guru’s fees). As an anusthān (firm worship), if possible then recite two verses of the Gita every day. Just recite two verses. It will take 1 min if you chant two verses. Recite these two verses in the morning and contemplate about these two verses during the day. There are 700 verses in the Gita and there are 365 days in a year. Therefore every year you will keep reciting the whole of the Gita. This is an anusthān (firm worship). If you do this anusthān (firm worship) throughout your life having touched the Gitaji today then I will like it very much. I have never asked for anything else, I am not asking for anything else and I will never ask for anything else. I just ask from the Supreme Soul that you keep remembering God, and that your shrādhā (faith) and nishthā (devotion) towards God keep increasing.

Chapter 18 verse 76: coming soon


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Chapter 18 verse 78:


Completion of the Gita Gnyan Yagna:

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