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Class 14: The journey from self-confidence to self-esteem to self-valour to self-bliss (chapter 2 verses 69 to 72)

This class covers:
  • The difference in the mindsets between those who have faith in the soul and those who chase after material objects
  • How a person who is stitaprajnya ("settled in intelligence") deals with desires in the mind and attains to peace: the beautiful example of waters entering into the sea.
  • How one can perform actions free from longing, without any sense of mineness or egotism.
  • How, being free from desires, one becomes at peace and in the divine state of Brahmistiti. Being free from desires, craving, mineness and egotism to experience self-confidence, self-esteem, self-valour, self-power and self-bliss.
  • How fixed in the state of Brahmistiti, one can attain to the bliss of God (brahmanirvaana), which is the Ultimate Goal of human life.
  • Conclusion of chapter 2 and summary of the incredible journey we have had so far.

  • Chapter 2 verse 69:

    Chapter 2 verse 70:

    Chapter 2 verse 71:

    Chapter 2 verse 72:

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